We aren't meant to do life alone. God has created us to be in relationship with Him and in community with others. Life groups exist to help people grow in their personal relationship with God, to help people build lasting relationships with others, and to help disciples grow in their ability to serve and minister to others.

This fall our life groups ministry will be studying CORE 52. 

CORE 52 is a 15-minute daily guide to build the Bible IQ of everyone who uses it. It uses a very simple approach to become familiar with the 52 biggest ideas or teachings in the Bible. It can be completed in a year or it can take whatever time is required. It comes with a variety of different resources, all of which direct the students to the Bible.

How Will HCC Use It?

We will follow the best suggestion by its creator, Mark E. Moore, and use it as the main resource for newly forming groups or groups who have been together for a while.

Who is Dr. Mark E. Moore?

Mark spent two decades as a New Testament professor at Ozark Bible College before becoming the teaching pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a pillar within our global fellowship of churches, the Christian Church / Church of Christ. This interview will help you get to know him better.

Where Can I Get A Copy?

Please e-mail or text Rob Tudball at ( or (902) 600-1093) to arrange a time to pick up a copy. If you would like multiple copies for your family, they are available on Amazon.

How Do I Get Into a Group?

We are not creating the groups this time ... you are. We encourage you to create or join a group of 2–6 people. We will resource you so don’t hesitate to take the lead in making a group. The beauty of this new way of forming groups is that each group will decide when and where they will meet (weekly or bi-weekly and live or virtually). Core 52 will dramatically increase your familiarization with the Bible so it is good for both veterans of the faith or those who are seeking God. Different maturity levels in the same group are a great idea. 

Online Resources

We encourage all users of the book to register online to have access to the many resources there.

Register Here




If you need help starting or joining a group, or have any groups related questions, please contact Pete Bowyer ( or (902) 210-2460).