During COVID-19 social distancing, we will live stream our worship services online Sunday mornings at 10:00 am.

While we want to be the best citizens we can be where we live, we also want to demonstrate to others, in tangible ways, what it looks like to be a citizen of our true home, the Kingdom of God. As such, we encourage you to make an effort to see if your neighbors need any help. Check to see if your elderly neighbors need anything picked up when you’re heading to the store or simply provide an encouraging word during a confusing time. Offer to pray with those who are worried. Let’s rise to the occasion as the body of Christ.

These are also times where some of our own members might find themselves in need. We ask that you continue to support your church financially through this time so that we can take care of our own and those in our community. You can find online giving options here.

We thank you for your understanding and ask that you join us as we pray for those who are sick and affected by this virus. Join us as we pray for our national, provincial, and municipal leaders as they make decisions. Please pray for HCC’s leaders, that we would make the best decisions for this church. Pray that God would use this time to grow His Kingdom. 

I hope you'll join us online.