Bible encounters

We are in the process of creating options for self-guided readings and studies of God’s Word. We are all busy and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to go to find sound opportunities to encounter God’s Word. The internet is overflowing with both good and bad options so we want to take out some of the guess-work for you and make your Bible-encounter next step easier.

Currently we have two main options: daily Bible readings (both short and long) and studies (for deeper focused exploration - scroll down to last page).

Regardless of your choice, we suggest a similar approach: 

a) begin with prayer, asking God to help you understand what you read or study;
b) do the reading or study’
c) thank God afterward for what you learned;
d) ponder your encounter until you do the next one.

Click on the links below to explore the various plans available:

Longer Daily Reading Plans

Shorter Daily Reading Plans

Studies for Individuals (Will work for groups as well)