Shorter daily reading PLANs

(a focused theme for 20 days)

For each topic there are 20 daily Bible encounters. You can do one each day but sometimes it’s hard to commit that time … so we suggest giving yourself a month to do them (in which case we recommend you do 5 of the daily encounters each week). We will try keeping these to 2-5 minutes in length. 

Look at the list of Bible encounters below, pick the one you desire or need for the next month, then go back to the same document and work your way through all 20 before moving on to a new topic. 

We will add 1-2 new ones each month so there will always be many for you to choose from.

20 Days of God’s Promises

There are hundreds, if not thousands of promises that God has made about Himself and His relationship with mankind as Father and Creator. Here are 20 verses to read and meditate on that we hope will encourage you as you follow Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

20 Days of Parables of Jesus

Why did Jesus speak in parables. Did everyone understand Him? Did anyone? Here are 20 of His parables for you to ponder. 

20 Days of Our Identity in Christ

Many of us struggle throughout our lives with figuring out our identity and significance within the world around us. As believers and followers of Christ, we too struggle with our new identity as a child of God and a new creation in Christ. The question moves from “who am I?” to “Whose am I?”  There are dozens of Scriptures in God’s Word that will help you to answer that question. Here are 20 that will help you seek your identity in your Lord Jesus Christ. 

20 Days of Prophecies of Jesus, and How They Were Fulfilled

From, “In the beginning,” in Genesis 1:1 to “Amen,” in Rev.22:21, the whole Bible has God’s scarlet thread of redemption for mankind weaved throughout His Word. There is a saying that helps us as we study God’s Word regarding Christ and His fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies. The Old Testament Is the New Testament Concealed, The New Testament Is the Old Testament Revealed. Here are 20 of the more than 300 prophecies regarding Christ.

20 Days of the Names of God

God reveals Himself to us through many different names in the Bible. Besides the perfect holy name that God gives to Himself (see Day 12), there is no single name that can describe all that God is. In fact, God uses each and every one of His names to reveal a different part of His character to us. Each of these names has great significance and over the course of the next 20 days we will take a look at some of His Names, along with Bible verses about Him. May you be blessed as you get to know God more fully through His beautiful names.