Studies FOR individualS

(may also be of value for group studies)

Studies are Bible encounters that involve a much greater commitment of time, energy and interest. They can be powerfully rewarding by helping the student begin to link individual Scriptures with others, see persistent themes, and also get a better view of both the lower story (life played out on earth) and the upper story (life played out in heaven). 

New studies will be added as per the timetable below. Note: there will be additional studies rolling out for HCC this year but they are intended for groups who will engage as a learning community.


8-9 lessons on Christian theology and rules for Christian living


The Discipleship Gospel: 17 lessons on the King, His Kingdom, His Mission and His Message

Introduction to and overview of Mark and 1st century Palestine

Bible Survey

A comprehensive overview of the Bible (13 lessons)
... for those wanting a solid overview of the entire Bible